Paul Ryu

TOPIC: Authentic Human Reach In a World of Fake Engagement

Paul Ryu is a founding partner of JMPforce, an influencer marketing and branded-content production company. Paul emigrated to the U.S. from Seoul, South Korea at the young age of 13 with an insatiable drive to live the American Dream. As an entrepreneur specializing in sales and digital marketing, Paul is making strong and lasting human connections in the food industry. Earlier in his career, Paul refined his sales and marketing style and expertise in the fashion industry and then the travel industry, which led him to follow his true passion, the food-influencer space. As one of Las Vegas’ most connected foodies, Paul finds himself using his influence to authentically reach a diverse array of people, driving them towards great dining experiences whether on a budget or fine dining and both locally and nationally. Paul enjoys working as one of the most sought-after Instagram foodies in Las Vegas and has been featured in many publications such as The Food Network, The Travel Channel, Thrillist, Las Vegas Weekly, Vegas Magazine, and FoodBeast.