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Megan Fazio

TOPIC: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, touching on good PR campaigns, not-so-good PR campaigns and ‘the ugly’ will cover crisis campaigns we’ve implemented.

Megan Fazio is the CEO & Founder of Neon Public Relations, LLC, a full-service PR and marketing firm based in Las Vegas representing B2C, hospitality, entertainment, adventure and non-profit clients. As an entrepreneur and public relations business professional with several years of experience leading the charge of a diverse portfolio of travel & tourism-related, multi-agency, high risk, and non-profit accounts, Megan focuses on helping businesses penetrate targeted markets and attain high visibility in these markets by garnering positive buzz and media attention, but more importantly, she measures her success according to the impact she has on driving her clients’ businesses forward. Megan continues to lead and manage innovative communications strategies for hospitality, business, tech, events and incident crisis management. A trusted PR advisor at the highest levels, she's led hundreds of successful media campaigns, develops strategic messaging, builds relationships, and protects brands and reputations.